Best way to view Instagram on the web

Instagram has become very popular in the last 12 months, I think maybe more popular than Facebook. Most people I know have an account and regularly add new pictures.

Most people just want to take a photo of themselves or an object and post without all the facebook clutter.  The use on a Mobile phone is pretty amazing, the filters and he easy settings make it a breeze.

Sometimes I just want to use my laptop or Desktop computer to check out my Instagram without having to add photos.

There is a new free service which you can do all of the above with Instagram.

Pictacular is a free service that lets you enjoy Instagram on the web. Pictacular works seamlessly with your Instagram account. Pictacular lets you view your feed, popular photos, and more.


 It presents your pictures beautifully in a Pinterest-style waterfall view. You also can pin your Instagram photo’s to your Pinterest board as well.

#8 Top Photography App in the US iPad App Store!

Best of all, it’s very easy to now share your Instagram photos to your Facebook and Twitter friends with Pinstagram.


Retina display for iPad3 users
Browse your Instagram feed, popular photos, photos taken nearby and your own photos
Check who un-followed you and who your new followers are
Browse Instagram photos in fullscreen mode. Use swipes and gestures to navigate.
Easily like and comment on photos
Search for photo’s based on tags or search for other Instagram users

Pictacular Website

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One thought on “Best way to view Instagram on the web

  1. I think that you have to have a Smart phone to do this, which we don’t. We’re retired and cheap. 🙂 But my daughter-in-law, Ash uses Instagram all the time and Pinterest I have a Pinterest account, but am not really sure what to do with it. Thanks for dropping by and reading “Honey.”

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