Big Brother 2013 Australia Gold Coast

The search is on for the Big Brother Australia 2013 House mates across Australia!

Auditions for Big Brother are about to start on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, we have all the information on Big Brother Australia 2013.

Channel Nine’s biggest reality show in 2013 is about to get a lot better. The twelve to sixteen contestants are chosen as Housemates, they live, eat, breathe together for 85 days, with voting and evictions every other week.

The 2013 series looks to be hosted by Sonia Kruger who also hosted the Big Brother Show in 2012, entertaining and funny. The show was enveloped in Controversy with Turkey slaps, doona dancing and romance. A few contestants were floored and kicked out. Continue reading

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Aussie Land Grab the new global Threat

In the last article I wrote about the new Gold Coast Casino, the owners and developers are Chinese. 10 years ago half the Gold Coast was owned by Japanese until their economy went splat and gave Australians the chance to buy properties in Australia.

Recent reports are saying that the Chinese and Indians are now grabbing farms and rural properties by the dozen each day, which is quite scary.

If foreign investors own most of our farms we could be paying huge prices for local produce. Continue reading

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Shapelle Corby may return to the Gold Coast

People get less jail time for killing someone, this poor girl had a heap of pot in her boogie board bag but in no way deserved twenty years of Jail time.

Hard way to learn a lesson, there are so many conspiracy theories about the whole saga, but, at the end of the day she got caught out big time and obviously was willing to take the risk.

Things are looking a bit brighter for her. Continue reading

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Star Trek New Movie Trailer – Supanova Gold Coast

When I was a kid I used to love watching Star Trek, as I turned into a teenager I watched Star Trek mainly to have perv on 7 of 9 as I thought she was super hot! This new trailer for Star Trek looks like it will be a great movie.

If you have ever been to the Gold Coasts Supernova event, you will see how popular Star Trek is to all ages, both male and female.

The increasingly popular pop culture expo gives the public a chance to come face to face with celebrities and those who inspire imaginary worlds. Continue reading

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A new way to explore the world

Through Smart Phone videos it is easy to sit a comfortable chair and explore the World. I just found some great videos of the Gold Coast and thought how very cool this new app is.

Koozoo, is a crowd sourced video app that displays smartphone videos from around the world.

The app is “the first crowd sourced network of continuously broadcasting smartphone video cameras,” and allows users to share video from wherever they are with the rest of the world, live. The idea behind the service ultimately to allows people to answer questions such as ‘how long is the line at my favourite brunch spot?’ or ‘is it foggy at the beach today?’ from their phone. Continue reading

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Gold Coast Casino

Queensland’s Gold Coast could be a step closer to getting a new casino on the beloved “Spit”. The Broadwater spit is a great place to visit, great walks, safe swimming and natural Beauty.

We went camping there last weekend just for the night and it was very relaxing having a few beers on the beach hoping for an elusive fish to jump on our hooks. It would be sad for that to change.

It looks like those times are soon to change! With the Coast in a depression, these developments get a lot of backing as everyone is so desperate for work on the Gold Coast. A great time for developers to get there nails is. I am not against development, but, why ruin something unique and so popular with locals and visitors. Continue reading

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Video: Old man takes on an Aussie Snake!

This guy is an absolute legend! You have to see this video below.

He must be 80 years old at least.

Not scared at all, he takes on an Australian Eastern Brown at a homestead in Queensland. Noted to be one of the most deadliest snake in the world, you wouldn’t catch me taking one of these on. Continue reading

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Easter for you, Easter on the Gold Coast

Everyone views Easter from differing perspectives, for me it’s about spending that extra time with my family, Easter eggs and hot cross buns, for many others it’s theishtar traditional religious aspects.  How did Easter begin?  Easter is derived from paganism, as with most of the celebrations of the churches.  Before Christianity there was paganism, to gain domination over their citizens they combined pagan gods and ways of life and changed it’s name, then went on a world wide mission to get others to do the same.   Continue reading

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Where’s the freshest food on the Gold Coast?

veggiesWe all know the importance of eating fresh food and many of us want to know where to buy fresh food at good prices.

To begin, by personal experience and a lover of fresh food myself, I would have to say that you just can’t go past farmers market produce.  It all comes to us directly from local farms, the prices are great and we’re also are helping to support our local communities.  If you want to know where Farmers Markets are held, you can follow this link. Continue reading

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Remove fluoride from Gold Coast water!


Despite what we are told from local MP’s on the Gold Coast and in Queensland about the health benefits of the added fluoride in our water supply, what we are drinking is toxic and causes health problems.  We are told the benefits of fluoride will keep our teeth healthy, but the reality of it is…


Natural Apatite Fluoride mineral

It is important to know that fluoride in our teeth and bones is a natural mineral called Apatite (calcium fluoro-cloro-hydroxyl phosphate) , it is found in many areas of the world. Continue reading

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What do your Facebook photos say about you?

What your Facebook Photos say about you- I have been very busy with work for the last weeks I logged into my Facebook account this morning, going through my time line I was surprised at the amount of Self Photos of my Friends heads!

One friend has 150 photos and 100 of them are of her head shots, errm what, its getting a bit tiresome of every time you login there is multiple photos of their heads. They obviously “like” their head to constantly posting it. Continue reading

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Miss Burlesque Australia competition on the Gold Coast

A great event is coming to the Gold Coast – Miss Burlesque Australia, competitors from all around Australia are competing and will be a great night for everyone.

Tickets are on sale now for the Miss Burlesque Gold Coast final on the 23rd of March at the Art Centre Gold Coast.

What is Burlesque? Continue reading

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Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – Live Broadcast

Watch the live Broadcast of the Quiksilver Pro 2013. The rain and swell have both slowed down at bit down at Snapper Rocks, the event is on with plenty of action!

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast runs from the 2nd March – 13th March.

Clear water, parties, crowds and sandbars!

The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast is always a blast as the world’s best surfers gather at Snapper Rocks.

quiksilver pro 2013 Gold Coast Australia Live Broadcast

Continue reading

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Win a Trip to Seaworld + VIP Park Passes

Would you like to name a baby Dolphin at SeaWorld, Gold Coast, Australia?

Dolphin Australia is offering you the chance to win a FREE family trip to Seaworld plus VIP Passes!

Seaworld is proud to announce the arrival of a new baby Dolphin Calf born on 9:17am February 21st 2013, now we need your help to name the beautiful baby Girl.

The major prize includes:

Continue reading

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Hells Angels Gold Coast Run

A wet day to be on a Bike!

The Hells Angels Queensland set off on their journey today for the “ Good As Gold Poker Run“. Looking to arrive on the Gold Coast Monday Morning.

Last year ended up with over $200,000 dollars worth in fines, this time the Hells Angels will have Lawyers in tow,  Terry O’ Gorman, who along with three lawyer colleagues is engaged by the bikies to act as observers, said the club would complain to the corruption watchdog if police used “mass intercepts” that held up riders for hours.

Continue reading

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Festivals, The Chillies and 10 dollar beers

Big Day Out must be the bass drop of Australia’s one day festivals. With head spinning, head stomping and headlining acts such as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Bloody Beetroots and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers how could it not be. right? My girlfriend and I were keen to find out, so after scabbing wristbands from a couple of discontented punters leaving the festival and talking our way through security, our drunken footsteps began to leave a trail on the dusty grounds of Parklands in the Gold Coast.

Continue reading

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What’s on this Weekend Gold Coasters?

You beauty it is Friday, tomorrow is the start of the Quiksilver Pro, if your not interested in going to the Surf comp, there are a ton of great events this weekend for all the family.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s undisputed home of entertainment, constantly wowing holidaymakers with its variety of things to see and do.

Continue reading

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Gold Coast Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving on the Gold Coast is a great past time but we are quite limited in dive attractions, the main places we dive is Palm Beach Reef, the seaway and a few secret spots we have found over the years.

The warm and crystal clear water makes the Goldy a great place for relaxing diving and the sea-life is amazing.

There is a huge market for diving visitors and even if you don’t dive it does give the whole Gold Coast a much needed boost.karen-diving-gold-coast

Once you have dived the same places over and over it does get a little boring, the Council have plans to add some diving attractions to the Coast, which is great and should have been done years ago. Build some tourism diversity instead of the standard Theme Parks.

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Sea Shepherd Conservationists are pirates

Now this has made me angry Gold Coasters!

I just read an article (below) that the bloody stupid yanks have branded Sea Shepherd Conservation Group a gang of pirates. So what are these damn Japs that are killing all the beautiful whales in the Antarctic and fishing out all the oceans, angels?

Whales are sea cows, cruising around doing no harm and all good for the oceans yet the Japs have to wipe out any sort of animal to feed their appetite for endangered animals. They were the cause all the Rhino’s were getting killed as the idiots thought Rhino horn would give these inapt humans a horn. Eating crushed Tiger claws make them strong like a tiger, yer right.

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